About SFM

Skull Fracturing Metal was established in early 2011 by Emmett. The webzine primarily focused on reviewing newer thrash metal albums and interviewing members of thrash bands, but has since expanded over time to encompass a wide variety of metal genres. In 2012, Scott joined the writing team to increase the quantity of reviews. Since 2014, SFM has been run entirely by Scott, with Emmett returning for select reviews. 

If you are in a band, run a label or PR company, and would like a review or interview, please send an email to skullfracturingmetal@gmail.com. I prefer to cover thrash, power, death, or traditional heavy metal, but am open to other subgenres as well. Due to the high volume of requests I receive, I cannot guarantee a review, but will do my best to promote your band.

Many thanks to the supporters of Skull Fracturing Metal! Special shoutout to the following loyal metalheads: Ced (Rocka Rollas/Blazon Stone), Eric at Unspeakable Axe Records, Murray and the rest of Untimely Demise, Dave and the rest of Nucleus, Ryan at Fractured Mind Records and from Cryptic Shift, Mike at Swords and Chains Records, Stormspell Records, Repulsor, Jon from Asher Media Relations, Wayde from Witching Metal Webzine and Crawling Chaos Productions, and Jon from Freeman Promotions! 

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